Reporting Bridleway Problems

If you try to use a right of way and find it blocked or unusable, you can report the problem to our local authorities. 

Here’s how:-

In the North York Moors National Park

By emailing :-   [email protected]

In North Yorkshire but not in the National Park

By emailing :-   [email protected] 

In Middlesbrough

By emailing :-   [email protected] 

Be as accurate as you can. Give a Grid Reference, Road number or  parish from the ordnance survey map. 

Explain what the problem is.

Take a photograph and email it in too when you report the problem.

Also copy in the local British horse Society Bridleways Officer, Judith Ratcliffe in all your communications 

Email :- [email protected]       -     or just contact her for any help and support for what to do.